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Student Review: The Dead Zone, by Stephen King (reviewed by Malachi C.)

The Dead ZoneThe Dead Zone by Stephen King

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

During this term I read The Dead Zone by Stephen King. After a near fatal car crash John Smith, a high school teacher from Maine, develops psychic powers. With these he can see the past, future, and present of people who he comes in contact with, he can also know their thoughts through the same method. The book then goes on with his life following this and how he copes with how people treat him, and the prison that is his own mind. Eventually he discovers that a terrible fate is in store for the world, WW III, he is then faced with the dilemma of having the power to do good, but being hunted down for it. The whole book is about the choices that those with power make and the paths they will follow. It is also about social identity, how the world sees you and how you see yourself. The main character is made very relatable, but also ambiguous, so that the reader could imagine the story happening to himself or those around them. I would recommend this book because it is very well written and very interesting. If you like things that are complicated and are dark, but want adventure that is very realistic, then you would probably enjoy this book. If you like lighthearted books, or ones that are direct and aren’t long, then you probably wouldn’t enjoy this book.
~ Student: Malachi C

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